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Who we are

We are a family business aiming to inspire awareness
and preserve local fauna and marine life by educating our visitors with wholesome guided tours
and by setting the example with eco-friendly-driven operations.

What we do

Our story begins at Paleokastritsa, Corfu. It was back in 2011 when our love and appreciation for nature drove us to create a home for cute local fish, sea creatures and International reptiles.

A home we now call Corfu Aquarium. A home filled with colorful tanks, an open pool where you can meet the animals from upclose, a gift shop and a picturesque beach bar.

It was the same passion that made us rescue and foster the most adorable reptiles coming from wildlife care centers.

Why we do it

Being true Corfiots, we consider it our duty to bring to the surface the majestic and mesmerizing beauty of both sea and land animals of Corfu and the Mediterranean. For us, sharing our vision and the sense of environmental responsibility with the world is more than essential!


So, are you gonna join?

Our Staff

    Aris Department Head
    Nastazia Vet
    Fiona Marine Biologist
    James Aquarist / Animal Keeper
    Olga Reptile Keeper / Aquarist
    Tom Reptile Keeper / Aquarist
    Maria Aquarist
    Georgia Reptile Keeper / Aquarist
    Katerina Reptile Keeper / Aquarist


  • Great experience, we had a really great guide called James who was so friendly and told us lots of information about the sea life and we even got to hold a snake. So worth the price! Great for both kids and adults!

  • Πολύ ωραία εμπειρία για όποιον βρεθεί στο νησί με παιδιά! Η ξενάγηση είναι μέσα στην τιμή του εισιτηρίου και οι ξεναγοί έχουν πολλές γνώσεις, μας έλυσαν οποία απορία είχαμε εκτός των πληροφοριών που μας έδωσαν! Μην παραλείψετε τη βόλτα με το καραβάκι που έχει υποβρύχια καμπίνα! Πολύ ευγενικοί όλοι τους! Και στη συνέχεια μπορείς να κάνεις και μπάνιο στην παραλία δωρεάν!

  • Small aquarium with reptiles on display. The best part of the aquarium is that they assign an English speaking guide to go around the whole aquarium with you, kids can learn so much! Our boy loved handling a python! I would say it is value for money.

    jimmy ping
  • Τελειο! Ενα πολυ οργανωμένο και διαφορετικο ενυδρείο . Με πολυ καλη ξενάγηση και μεσα στη παραλια για χαλάρωση απόλαυση και μπανιο στη θαλασσα. Η υποβρύχια ξενάγηση ειναι καταπληκτική εμπειρια.

    Κωστας Παρουσης
  • Amazing experience!never thought I could hold a real snake ????and we had a really great guide ????

    Klochko Anna
  • Wonderful experience here. Staff were lovely - the aquarium was clean and the creatures well taken care of. A highlight of our holiday!

    Finnegan Hinchey